Owners; Dan & Mary West

E-Mail:  danwest@centurytel.net 

Our Services

The Orchard is a U-Pick Orchard, catering to families.

 Providing a wholesome atmosphere and memorable experience for all.

We give tours to senior citizens,  local schools from Kindergarten through high school

As well as pre-school children and home-schooled children.

We provide already picked fruit at our sales building.

We make cider on the premise in late September into mid-October on our 1860's cider mill press.

 We make fresh apple pies, Apricot, Peach and Apple Jellies & Jams.

 We also beginning in late June early July will have locally produced honey from our very own bee hives and Bee Trace Apiary available here at the orchard store and elsewhere in the area.

We have at times some local made products such as woven rugs.

 We also set up and have fruit sales at the local Macon County Flywheel and Collectable Show.

The Show is held the Macon County Fair Grounds in Macon, Missouri.

West Orchards   , 25875 Jewell Ave.  Macon , Mo                   Main phone: 660-651-7582       Sales Building:  660-385-5067        E-Mail:  danwest@centurytel.net