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2015 has been a rather special year with all the rain. We do have apples but it will remain to be seen how well they turn out. Our bees have produced allot of honey so far this year and we are ahead of schedule in the harvesting of it. We will have our 2015 spring / summer honey available in our downtown Macon, Mo. store beginning 1st week of July. We also ship honey. Call for availability and pricing.

June 28, 2015

Check out our new Bee Trace Apiary Website

Our girls in the bee yard are still working very hard for us this year and we will have Honey for sale at the Macon County Flywheel & Collectible Show in late July and also at the West Mercantile store , downtown Macon.

The Bee Trace Apiary was established in 2011. We will be selling our Pure Bee Trace Macon County Missouri Honey from the farm along with jams and jellies from the orchard and at our store Downtown Macon , West Mercantile. Come on in to 105 Vine Street , pick up some Bee Trace Honey! Also visit our Bee Trace Apiary website.
Call 660-651-7582 to make sure we're in.
Thanks to all for your patronage!