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First and foremost of our services is our conservation of the local Honey Bee. Since 2010 we have been engaged in mainly Macon County, Missouri in the business of saving the honey bee colonies that are perhaps destined for being destroyed in downed or dead trees, old delapidated homes, out buildings, abandoned equipment, and also swarms. We also do what is commonly called a trap out. A non-invasive method to homes and trees to remove a colony.
In 2013 we went on 70 bee calls in our area!
The ultimate goal is to conserve the colony. Make it a viable and healthy colony and strong enough to sustain itself through the North Missouri winter.
Only after the stabilization of the colony do we look at the possibility of it producing honey for us.
Below are links to the photos of various forms of services we provide the community by removal and relocating the Honey Bees.

Colony from a downed Tree

Colony from a House

Colony from a Trap-Out & Photos of a Swarm Trap



















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