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The Bee Trace Apiary
Our Apiary began out of a need for the pollination of our family run orchard , West Orchards, located North of Macon. We planted our orchard in 1995 and after a few years began to hire local beekeepers to bring in their beehives to pollinate. Not until 2011 did we decided to get our own hives and start in beekeeping ourselves. The venture has grown into a small business that fills a need for local produced honey and other value added products from the hive. We at times will have as many as 60 colonies with 20-30 hives producing honey. As with many apiaries keeping colonies healthy and getting them through the cold winters of Missouri can be challenging.
Our focus here at Bee Trace Apiary is to be a natural as possible with our hives. All of our colonies within our apiaries across Macon County are from the wild, basically meaning that we have bees that have adapted to Missouri winters and summers and have either come from colonies that were in downed or dead trees or homes that were in need of the bees removed. Our most favorite method is of course like most beekeepers prefer, from swarms.
Natural or organic beekeeping basically stems from the fact that no chemicals are used to treat our bees, so NO chemicals are infused into the honey or comb, which we make products from also.
Check out our ( Services ) page and see how perhaps we can help you with your Honey Bee problem. We gladly try to answer all your questions and lend a helping hand.
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