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Thanks to all that have attended the new North Central Missouri Beekeepers Association meetings here in Macon at the Macon High School Commons area.
We have had an outstanding group of folks from around the area come in and share their ideas , thoughts and tips on beekeeping. Our monthly meetings are held the 1st Monday of the month 7-9 pm. You can go here to the club website for more info


If you have a colony of bees in an old home, old tree that is troublesome or a swarm, please don't spray insectide, please give us a call. We will in most instances be able to help you, and also save the bees.

Below you'll find links to our Bee adventures for 2010

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West Shag Bark Hickory Log Bee Tree

Big Maple Tree Colony

Terry's Bee Tree

Easley's Bees

Bloomington Bees

Our Grandson Landon's 1st Bee Experience

Large Colony removed from House

Observation Bee Hive in Sales Area

Tom King's Outside Hive